Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Oh For Feck's Sake, Mrs Doyle

What do Mrs Doyle, Hector the Inspector, and Adam Hart-Davis all have in common?

Yes, that's right- they've all been paid to appear in failed government advertising campaigns. In this case HM Revenue and Customs' serial failed campaigns to get more people to file their tax returns on time.

It's another snippet from yesterday's PAC report. HMRC first spent £25m on Hector, only to withdraw him because with his bowler and pedantry "he was stereotypical" and not at all representative of the hip new HMRC. Then they spent £6m on Mrs Doyle, only to withdraw her because, we presume, they didn't like her tea. Now they've spent £15m on Adam H-D. So far.

So that's another £46m of our money. And the percentage of taxpayers filing on time has actually gone down!

All part of the escalating bill for government advertising and PR- £334m pa when last sighted.

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