Friday, February 03, 2006

Eat More Chips- Official

In these dark days of government food fascism, it's good to find someone telling us to eat more chips.

National Chip Week will run from 13-19 February, and promises non-stop excitement- from a specially devised "Chip Week Quiz" in pubs, to ten completely new chip serving suggestions, including "Stir Fry Chips with Spices, to Poppadoms, Chips & Curry Chutney".

Yum yum.

And the organisers? None other than our old friends the British Potato Council, a tax funded quango that costs £6.5m pa. Funded by a compulsory levy (ie a tax) on potato producers, the BPC is generally reckoned to be one of Britain's most useless quangos, sitting alongside Defra's other useless levy boards- the Horticultural Development Council, the Home Grown Cereals Authority, the Meat and Livestock Commission, and the Milk Development Council. In fact, Defra only need to get Mr Bun the Baker, and they'd have a winning hand.

For those unfamiliar with the BPC, its uplifting "vision" is a spud "industry that is open-minded, innovative and actively working together for common goals".

Common goals like getting us to ignore CPO Commissar Hewitt completely, and to max out on carbs, fat, and salt.

Do you think it's that joined-up government thing they always used to go on about?

PS Check out the official Love Chips! website. It even tells you how to make a chip butty.

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