Wednesday, February 01, 2006

£9m Technology Breakthrough

During one of his routine skulks round Parliament's cellars, "Kiss-my-politically-incorrect-arse" Guido has come across the charred remains of yet another public money bonfire.

The Parliamentary Information Management System (PIMS) is a bespoke IT development commissioned "to provide easy access to parliamentary information for all users of the parliamentary intranet, by creating a new infrastructure for the storage, search, retrieval and management of parliamentary information held in the two Libraries."

In effect they tried to build their own Google. And- surprise, surprise- after £9m of our money, years of work, and all the usual delays, it's actually not much cop. Guido's mole reports it is "universally despised by all who come into contact with it", and contrasts it most unfavourably with a mini-version of the real Google purchased by the Clerk's Department for a mere two grand.

The more cost conscious of our MPs are putting their names to Anne Main's Early Day Motion (EDM 1505) :

"That this House is concerned at the performance of the Parliamentary Information Management System; finds its use cumbersome and slow and wasteful of the time of staff of the House, hon. Members and their staff; notes the delays in the updating of information; and calls for an inquiry by the House authorities into the cost-effectiveness and usability of the system."

Never mind the inquiry. We want some Guido justice for the perpetrators.

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