Monday, January 23, 2006

Who's Money Is That?

For reasons that needn't detain us, MrsT purchased yesterday's News Of The Screws. And while perusing it over cornflakes this morning, I was momentarily diverted from the exploits of "she knew what she wanted and she wasn't afraid to ask" Chantelle, to read this:

"Gordon Brown has paid for the insulation of one million pensioner homes, and given free TV licenses to the over-75s."

Gordon Brown? Can that be right? I was under the delusion we tax-payers had done the paying.

Then I noticed the author- none other than Labour's Master of Black Propaganda, Ali Campbell.

On the face of it just another helping of vomit-inducing Labour spin. But more and more these days I get the even more uncomfortable feeling that they actually believe it themselves- they really do think it's their money, to spend entirely as they see fit.

I could get very upset about it. Fortunately, Vera Sucanova (sic) was on hand, mop my fevered brow.

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