Sunday, January 22, 2006

"Wheels Coming Off"

Excellent article by David Smith and others in today's Sunday Times summarising how "Blairism" is failing. The Third Way turns out to be less a new millenium Ford Mondeo, and more a 1973 Austin Allegro- the one with the square steering wheel.

"From education to health, pensions security to economic growth, the wheels are falling off...

Spending on schools ...has soared from £22.4 billion in 1997-98 to £35.4 billion in 2004-05. Yet school performance has hardly altered...59% of the extra money pumped into the NHS ...has gone on staff pay...NHS productivity is still falling by at least 1% a year...unemployment rose in December for the 11th month in a row to more than 1.5m...this year Britain’s tax burden will be 42.4%, higher than Germany’s 42.1% and well above America, which has come down to 32.7%...Productivity growth has slowed sharply...the latest figures show output per worker in Britain up by a paltry 0.4% on a year earlier. Measured on a per-hour basis, there was no increase at all."

We've blogged about these things many times of course, but articles like this are important-attention from respected msm commentators like Smith is vital if the message is ever to resonate beyond a circle of crackpot zealots like Tyler.

Especially heartening is the impact being made by the Taxpayers Alliance, whose new Campaign Director, James Frayne, is quoted as saying:

“People’s experience with the NHS and schools means that it’s becoming less credible to claim higher taxes mean better public services. Also, people are taking on board all these stories about politicians wasting money.”

Absolutely right James. We'll be redoubling our efforts.

Pic: The Unofficial Austin Rover Web Resource

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