Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What's Wrong With The Tap?

The ineffable David Lammy has vouchedsafe that the Department of Culture Media and Sport spent £19,059 of our money on bottled water last year.

£19,059 that could have been saved by using the tap.

Or maybe it was only for special occasions, like winning the Olympics. Now let me see...twenty grand...500 employees...that's 40 quid each. Down our local Sainsburys you can get a six pack of Caledonian Spring, 2 litre size, for £1.99. Which means...umm...40 divided by 1.99, times 12, equals...why, that's 240 litres per head. A swimming pool each.

Or maybe the taps just don't work.

PS At least it's not as much as DCMS's media monitoring costs, which are running at £120,668.96 (2004-05).

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