Monday, January 16, 2006

Tax Funded Propaganda

I try to stick to a self-denying ordinance on the £3bn pa telly-tax funded BBC. There are plenty of other blogs, like the excellent Biased BBC, devoted to recording its egregious left-wing propagandising.

But sometimes I just can't stop myself.

This morning's Start The Week was too much. Presided over as usual by Mr Jackie Ashley, it featured Estelle Morris (telling us once again why school choice was bad because aspirational "middle class" families would only choose the good schools), a leftish novelist, a leftish comedian, and Jackie Laws.

Laws was promoting her book 'Big Pharma'. This seems to be the usual stuff about dark Drax Industries style corporations stuffing us full of harmful chemicals and making a fortune in the process. As far as I could tell, she believes most new drugs are basically recycled aspirins, but huge advertising and doctor entertainment budgets convince us they're important breakthroughs. She wants politicians to protect us.

Er...would they be the same politicians that refuse to fund the Herceptin breast cancer treatment, while simultaneously spending billions on hopeless bureaucratic gridlock?

Naturally, Ashley and the BBC did not think it necessary to balance these cloud-cuckoo lefties with even a single opposing voice.

Roll on privatisation.

PS Talk of all those drug company freebies made me wonder once again about the chauffeur-driven Roller the splendid Dr Crippen uses on his rounds.

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