Monday, January 16, 2006

Recent Bonfires

£25m on asylum centre that will never be built:

"The Home Office spent £12 million pursuing a planning appeal for the accommodation centre on Ministry of Defence land at Bicester, Oxon. It has had to pay a further £12.4 million in compensation to the private security company that would have built and run it."

At least £1.9bn pa squandered on management consultants:

"People working on similar projects are often using the same consultants to give them the same information - this has all got to stop."

£12m pa wasted on "subsidised" school milk:

"Because the top-up creates high administrative costs...the average price schools charge parents for subsidised milk (11.4p per one third of a pint) exceeds the price supermarkets charge for non-subsidised milk (8.4-10p)."

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