Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Please Mr Murdoch...

During his rare interview with Jeff Randell, Rupert Murdoch was asked what he thought David Cameron stands for:

"I don’t know. I’ve had a couple of very charming meetings with him. He’s very bright, he’s put together a more impressive front bench than was there before, but it seems to be all about image. I’d really like to know a little bit more about what his vision is for the future of this country and its people, you know, some facts and some real policies rather than just a lot of almost throw-away positions they take to try and change their image. So much so, that if you believe everything he says, there’s not going to be an alternative between him and a New Labour government.

I think they’ve gotta say look, we are gonna shrink the size of government rather than keep expanding it, and they gotta shrink taxation to get better rewards for people who are prepared to risk everything."

Well, begging your puddin', Mr Murdoch, Sir, but that's exactly what we think too. Unfortunately we're not global media tycoons. All we can do is squawk in the Blogosphere.

Now, we keep hearing that the Sun and the Times will soon be switching their support back to the Conservatives, which is excellent. But there is something else you could do for us- for Britain- which would be even more helpful.

Because you understand how modern party politics works. Our Big Politicos are not leaders but followers. They all crowd onto the centre ground slugging it out in an ugly beauty contest. So the only way we can get meaningful change is by shaping public opinion itself.

Which is precisely where you come in.

Please Mr M...if we ask ever so nicely...would you please transform Sky News into our very own Fox News? Lively opinionated news coverage from the right rather than the left.

You see, we've got this really big problem with a statist liberal propaganda machine called the Biased Broadcasting Corporation...oh, you already know about it. Well then, you know it's like the Clinton News Network only much richer, much much worse, and paid for by our taxes.

We need your help. And yes, we're begging. But the really great thing is that it needn't cost you anything. You'd make money. We realise you couldn't charge subscriptions- any more than you can now for Sky News- but look how much ad revenue you now make off Fox News in the US. Shedloads.

It's a win-win Mr M.

You owe it to your grandchildren and your shareholders.

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