Sunday, January 22, 2006

More Dosh For The Doc

We've blogged before about the government's plans to help those- let's face it- hopelessly ill-informed GPs to recognise the work-shy. As we keep being told, there are 2.7 million malingerers on Incapacity Benefits, costing us £12.5bn pa. And now we know it's all the fault of GPs!!

Well thank goodness for DWP Secretary John Hutton and his splendid new plan:

'DOCTORS are to be offered financial incentives to curb “sicknote Britain” by forcing people on benefits back to work. Under plans to be unveiled by ministers this week, employment advisers are to be stationed in GPs’ surgeries and medical assessments will be revised to make it more difficult for doctors to sign people off as long-term sick.

A “national education programme” for GPs will also be launched. Ministers then hope to introduce targets and financial incentives — after consultation with medical bodies — to ensure that GPs abide by the new rules and cut the burgeoning cost of incapacity benefit.'

We know Doc Crippen will be pleased about this. He keeps complaining about the lack of support for GPs, and those extra cash incentives will come in handy.

What's that? Isn't this just one more example of politicians telling professionals how to do their jobs, and trying to bribe them to do things they don't agree with, where it's the politicians who should have the balls to change the welfare benefits system itself so that Incapacity Benefit doesn't pay more than Jobseekers Allowance, but they don't want to do that because their leftie backbenchers would rebel, and they've already got the Education rebellion so they can't handle another, and anyway GPs get paid far too much, and their contracts got screwed up anyway when the Department of Health gave away the store, and well now it's payback time, and...gnnnnnaaaaaaahhh.

I'm just going to chew the carpet.

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