Friday, January 27, 2006

Government Waste: A Cavendish Writes

The Cavendish Family has been running Britain pretty well since records began. So when a Cavendish turns her attention to government waste, we peasants touch our forelocks and listen respectfully:

"IT disasters, glossy brochures – it's all Whitehall's ever-expanding wasteline. Every week a drip, drip, drip of indecipherable figures. When is an NHS deficit terminally scary and when is it benign and easy to remove? Will identity cards cost £18 billion (as an LSE professor says) or £5 billion (as ministers say)? Why is more than £2.5 million spent on a team of 15 coppers munching their way through Paris to reinvestigate Diana’s death? For that matter, why is the bill for the Diana Memorial now approaching £5 million? Oh, of course, it ’s a fountain, so it must be all those plumbing bills."

Yes, it's another review of the Taxpayers Alliance's forthcoming Bumper Book of Waste, and Camilla's jaw has dropped nearly as far as ours.

She also highlights the lack of accountability. For example, among numerous other failures, the hapless Beverley Hughes presided over the Bicester asylum fiasco (£25m of our money wasted). Yet Hopeless Hughes is still a minister, and even tipped to join the Cabinet in the forthcoming reshuffle. "Businessmen who negotiate private finance initiative hospital contracts tell me that the public sector officials rarely stick around long enough to see the first door fall off, let alone the end of the 20-year lease."

Wonder what William would have thought.

Off with their heads.

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