Saturday, January 14, 2006

DTI Paper Factory

The DTI costs us about £5bn pa, and it is primarily known for useless and time consuming schemes designed to hobble British industry.

It is therefore sometimes forgotten that it is also a major publishing house. According to a Parliamentary written answer:

"Between 1 January 1997 and 20 October 2005, the number of titles produced by my department was 10,066, the total cost of producing these titles including commissioning and printing amounted to £66,007,130. This equates to an average cost of £6,600 per title."

10,066! That's more than Penguin.

And what are they publishing? Take one at random from the 135 listed under Equality and Diversity: "Better services - better working lives. How health and education services are delivering for women". That turns out to be 74 pages of tedious propaganda on Labour's social spending splurge, and I doubt that anyone has read it other than the authors. Maybe not even them.

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