Friday, January 27, 2006

Driven To Drink

We're well aware of our rulers' fondness for the bottle, but it's really irksome when we taxpayers have to pick up the tab. Because it turns out the government is spending over £100,000 pa on bottled water for their own use:

"The Home Office was the worst offender, spending £46,665.34 on bottled water in 2004-05, although the Treasury was unable to separate mineral water from the cost of "teas, coffees and biscuits" which totalled £200,344."

According to Ben Bradshaw, "It is much more sustainable for people to drink tap water."

Well, that's right Ben. And you could do something about it right now, by the simple act of turning on your own departmental tap and saving us over 20 grand a year.

PS On a similar theme, we learned last year that Westminster uses enough electricity and water to supply a small town. "The amount of energy used on the Parliamentary estate has risen 45 per cent since 1997 and the amount of water by 50 per cent, according to a report submitted to the Commons authorities. More offices, computers, televisions and air conditioning account for the rise in energy consumption - enough to supply 1,500 households. The Commons alone used enough electricity to supply a town of 5,000 households for a year and it costs £181.53 for each MP and peer just to heat the Palace of Westminster."

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