Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Crack Down On Tearaways

Tony's ordered a crack-down, and to underline his seriousness he's even hosed some graffiti off a wall:

"Youth crime and disorder have risen sharply, but very few young offenders end up in court, and when they do half are let off with another warning. Far too often young criminals offend again and again.

We will replace repeat cautions with a single final warning. New parental responsibility orders will make parents face up to their responsibility. We will tackle the unacceptable level of anti-social behaviour and crime on our streets. Our 'zero tolerance' approach will ensure that petty criminality among young offenders is seriously addressed. Community safety orders will deal with threatening and disruptive criminal neighbours."

That's a crack-down alright. Taken from Labour's 1997 Manifesto.

Or what about the one he promised in 2000- an end to "yob culture", fixed £100 penalties for offences of disorderly behaviour in public places, police to shut down rowdy pubs and clubs, a ban on drinking alcohol in the street, child curfew schemes for those aged 9 to 15...

I can't go on. He's had 30 Criminal Justice Acts since his 1997 Manifesto, and setting aside the statistical manipulation, the problems are as bad as ever.

Of course we know what today was really about. It's the Home Office's top strategic priority, accounting for £6.2bn of the HO's spending this year:

To ensure that"People are and feel more secure in their homes and daily lives," coupled to the inevitable target to "Reassure the public, reducing the fear of crime and anti-social behaviour, and building confidence in the Criminal Justice System."

"Feel more secure....reassure the public...reduce the fear...build confidence."

If there's one thing we don't need it's another propaganda exercise.

Directed at us.

Paid for by us.

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