Tuesday, January 17, 2006

CPO Commissar Hewitt On Barts PFI

Criminally Patronising Oleaginous Commissar Hewitt has broadcast to the nation on C4 News. She's told us why she's canning that £1.2bn Barts/Royal PFI deal.

Simple really. It turns out that the planned new cardiology facilities at Barts- first agreed way back in Labour's first term- are NO LONGER NEEDED. The NHS has been so successful in bringing down waiting lists for heart ops that the pricey new Barts development is no longer needed.

Well, hurrah for that! All those professional sceptics like Doc Crippen, who reckon thousands of people can't get proper heart treatment until it's too late, are just plain wrong.

That's well worth the £100m cancellation charges.

Picture shows the Commissar getting her gnashers attended to at a secret location housing Britain's last remaining NHS dental surgery ( Dental Art ).

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