Monday, January 23, 2006

A Body Is Found In A Canal Lewis...

As from next week poor old Lewis is going to be handling all those bodies floating in Oxford's backlit waterways on his tod.

Although he may not actually have the time. Because according to the Sunday Telegraph, Britain's police spend over £500 millions a year on paperwork. And that's only the cost of "non incident-linked paperwork...general correspondence not related to any specific incident, and checking paperwork (supervisory)". The figure would be even higher if "paperwork linked to particular crimes, such as interview notes or arrest warrants" were included.

The figures come from a so-called ABC (Activity Based Costing) analysis, which our paperchase government has required from all forces every single year since 2003.

Against a backgound where less than a quarter of reported crimes are solved, the Met apparently thinks it appropriate to spend twice as much on paperwork as it does on dealing with robberies, and three times as much as goes on burglaries.

Think Lewis. We must be missing something.

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