Sunday, December 18, 2005

Trough Snufflings

The Sunday Times reports that Two Jags Prezza, who has presided over a huge increase in council tax bills for the rest of us, may be avoiding paying any council tax himself:

'Last week the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) admitted that he was not paying council tax on his grace-and- favour apartment in Whitehall. The council tax on his official country residence, Dorneywood in Buckinghamshire, is paid by a charitable trust.

Prescott is entitled to claim back the council tax on his home in Hull on parliamentary expenses. It means he is under no obligation to pay any council tax bills on his three homes out of his own pocket.'

Nice. He's a man who clearly knows how to pick his way through Labour's complex welfare system to find the very juiciest morsels.

Which is more than he thinks "working class" families are capable of with respect to choosing schools:

"Middle-class parents are concerned, and rightly so, about the quality of education for their children, which sadly is not the same for working-class parents.

If you set up a school and it becomes a good school, the great danger is that's the place they [the middle-classes] want to go to."

Naturally he opposes Timid Tone's schools reforms, preferring the traditional Labour view that it's much better to impose the same bog-standard rubbish schools on everyone than to risk any "middle class" kids getting an unfair edge.

Unless their parents can afford to pay of course.

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