Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Olympics Shiver

Amid all the excitement of today's PMQs, one throwaway remark from Tone sent a shiver down the Tyler spine:

"I assure the hon. Gentleman that not only are we very proud to have won the 2012 Olympic bid, but that we will fund it properly, as the Government should. The amount of money that we will put in will be significant and considerable."

When we last looked at the Olympics lunacy we concluded that the official cost estimate of £4.7 billion could be doubled if we matched Sydney's over-run, or quadrupled if we matched Athens.

We must confess we rather lost heart when London actually won the wretched thing, so haven't had a proper look since. And even those nose-studded anarchists at's excellent Scrap The London Olympics site seem to have given up.

But aside from Tone, we have also been seriously discomfited by recent statements from Red Ken and Tessa Jowell to the effect that projected budgets are already heading towards the stratosphere.

We will be gritting our teeth to take a proper look shortly.

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