Thursday, December 29, 2005

Non-Job Report

The splendid Tax Payer's Alliance has just published its Annual Non-Job Report, by Peter Cuthbertson. As you may know, the Report is based on an analysis of public sector jobs advertised in the Society section of the Grauniad. As the Report says:

'When reading Guardian Society, one is torn between repugnance at the individual case and horror at the sheer number of them. One ‘Deputy Youth Offending Team Manager’ is a tragedy, a thousand is the Guardian Society section.'

But a valiant effort, which uncovered nearly a billion pounds worth of new public sector jobs, at an average salary of £35,509 – "a staggering £9,995 more than the mean private sector wage".

Most useless looking jobs?

Director of Understanding and Enjoyment- New Forest (£50,000 per annum plus benefits)

Street Scene Outreach Officer- Enfield Council (£24,114 to £25,602)

Regional Culture in Rural Development Manager- East Midlands (£29,000 to £32,000)

Community Compost Development Officer (£23,739 to £25,857)

Co-ordinator, Local Area Structures and Arrangements Framework- Wolverhampton (£34,566 to £39,303)

International Affairs Coordinator- Greater London Authority (£27,489 plus interest-free season ticket and bicycle loan).

Peter Cuthberston is now under heavy medication for post-traumatic stress.

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