Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Horsing Around

It may have escaped your attention, but Defra have just published their first ever Strategy For The Horse Industry. Yes, you and I might believe the industry went out with the equally famous Horse Buggy Industry. But apparently not.

Our new Minister For The Horse, who may be either Alun Michael or Jim Knight (it's unclear), has galloped into action with a 66 page report. It considers a whole raft of pressing matters from "the status of the horse" right through to "appointing consultants to review and assess the task and make recommendations".

Costs? Ominously the report is silent except for "implementation of this strategy will not come without some costs attached...and Government will need to continue to play its part."


The horse industry's "gross output" (presumably for the roses) is apparently worth £3.4bn pa, with five million people "actively interested". And all that happened without government help.

So why does it need government help now?

Surely nothing to do with banning hunting.

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