Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fink Finger

As you may know, we're trying to move on. But there are some good points being made this morning about David Cameron's leadership victory.

Longtime DC supporter Danny Finkelstein puts his finger on something when he says we have witnessed "the triumph of the Smith Square set". Almost all DC's inner circle are graduates of the Conservative Research Department.

Fink reckons there are similar things happening in the Labour Party, with the rise of Balls and the Millibands. 'So the election of Mr Cameron marks an important new stage in British politics — the triumph of the political professional.'

But is this a "good thing"?

'No. It makes politics too inward-looking, robbing it of the experience of others. The triumph of the party staffers has come about because the rules of politics are now so elaborate, the language so obscure, that the “game” can only be played by those who have spent a lifetime studying it. This is not a healthy development.

The Smith Square set should see one of their tasks as being to open up politics to those who do not share their expertise.'

For the first time in a while, I find myself agreeing with the Fink.

One of the things exposed by the contest was the gulf between insiders and outsiders. And in a world of first past the post centrism, its rather unclear how we outsiders get any traction on our insider politicos.

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