Thursday, December 29, 2005

Commissar WoolAss Hails Efficiency Triumph

Local Government Minister Phil Woolas has announced that 'councils are set to surpass the target of £1billion gains by the end of 2005/06 - and deliver efficiency gains of almost £1.9 billion instead!!!'

And what's more, he has a massive spreadsheet to prove it. Did you know for example that Milton Keynes- I can scarcely believe this myself- has already saved £1,758,821? And they plan to save a further £3,529,933 by...well, some time in the future.

So does that mean Council Tax bills are heading down? Er...well, not exactly. It's more to do with optimising inputs and outputs, sort of thing.

But at least councils are on target for meeting Gordo's announced £6.45 billion of "efficiency gains" by 2007/8.

So that's another box ticked.

Even if we have had to create a few more non-jobs along the way.

Picture of Commissar WoolAss: New Zealand History Net

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