Sunday, March 20, 2005

Wastewatch: Ken Pisses Away Another £100,000

Mrs T and I were perambulating through Trafalgar Square earlier this week when we noticed that the water in the fountains had turned a rather distressing shade of urine. Initially we put this down to severely incontinent tourists, but then we picked up one of Ken's many propaganda leaflets at the Tube station.

'St Patrick's Day parade and festival, opened by Ken Livingstone. A free day out for all the family.' We'd missed the festivities, but the green dye dropped into the fountains had lingered on.

One, this was not 'a free day out'- it was funded by London's taxpayers, at a cost of at least £100,000 (assuming it was no less than previous years).

Two, even setting aside the bombing of Harrods, Bishopsgate, Canary Wharf etc, why exactly do London taxpayers need to 'celebrate the Irish Community's unique contribution to life in the city'? We don't do the same for the English, say. (Mrs T agrees- even though she's half Irish).

Three, why does Ken get to throw all these parties at our expense anyway? It was only a couple of weeks ago that he threw that party where he laid into an Evening Standard reporter.


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