Wednesday, March 16, 2005

TV station for fifteen grand

Alex Singleton has posted on the Adam Smith Institute’s recent Politics and the Media seminar.

At the seminar, John Lloyd of the FT pointed out that much news coverage- and indeed much formal politics- is now part of the entertainment business.

Actually of course, it’s even worse than that- it’s the failed entertainment business. Does anyone seriously imagine that Tony would now be PM if Ugly Rumours had managed to become the next Rolling Stones? No, he’d still be wearing that sparkly jacket, strutting around in the spotlight wiggling his bum at us.

Which…er, is pretty well what he does every day.

Failed Jaggers, failed Dylans, failed Bonos, failed actors, and failed exotic dancers. Showbiz for ugly people means we’re ruled by a bunch of third-rate wannabes.

Alex somehow misses the evening’s most interesting point. Eben Wilson told us how some mates of his had bought a satellite TV station for just fifteen grand. Fifteen grand!

Well OK, that only gets you a twelve-month slot on a satellite- maybe position 739 on your Sky box, squeezed in between sex and shopping. You’ve then got to fund all the content, and somehow attract an audience.

But still…fifteen grand to reach nearly ten million living rooms.

If we can have all those God channels, why not say, an Adam Smith channel? Specifically to host free market, anti-statist content from all those people who never get a look in on mainstream British telly.

I’d certainly add it to my favourites.

(I tried to ping Alex's post, but my ping was 'rejected due to questionable content'. Quite right too- ASI readers would not wish to be exposed to Tony's wiggling bum.)

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