Sunday, March 20, 2005

Making It Up As They Go Along: £5 billion City Academies

The Labour dominated Commons Select Committee on Education and Skills has issued its report on secondary education. It says:

'We are concerned that some of the Government's flagship policies are based on unexamined assumptions and are not accompanied by measures to test the relationship between cost and effectiveness. The Government hopes that its commitment to diversity and choice will raise standards in secondary education. This cannot be achieved without a rigorous assessment of what works and what does not. Many of these initiatives are expensive (for example, the projected £5 billion that will be spent on 200 Academy schools), yet the evidence that emerges from these programmes is not always properly evaluated and lessons learned before further public funds are committed.'

It's a pretty good commentary on the whole New Labour government. A blizzard of half-baked intitiatives, most of which have to be later abandoned or hacked beyond recognition. But not before taxpayers have parted with another huge pile of cash.

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