Thursday, February 17, 2005

Socialist Republic of Scotland still sick

Eamonn Butler at ASI points out that, on a per capita basis, Scotland spends 14 per cent more than the rest of us on health. Indeed, it spends more than the European average. Does that mean shorter waiting lists?

‘Er, no. In fact 40,000 fewer patients are being treated now compared with 1997. Patients now wait 9 days longer for outpatient treatment and 21 days longer for inpatient stays. And recent reports have showed that many of Scotland's clinical outcomes trail badly behind those of England & Wales.’

Monopolistic state medicine can’t be made better just by massive injections of cash, even in the socialist paradise North of the border.

Viewed from down South of course, the really galling thing about this story is that we’re paying for it. Scotland gets a massive fiscal transfer from the rest of us- the last time I crunched the numbers, for 2000-01, it was equivalent to 10 per cent of their GDP!

Worse, the bit I live in- London and the Southeast- suffered a fiscal transfer out of the same amount. 10 per cent of our incomes confiscated to pay for socialism in the regions.

A 10 per cent transfer is huge: much bigger than the transfers that generate so much friction between EU members; bigger even than the reparations the French tried to make the Germans pay after WW1…and we all remember where that led.

And now I’ve checked out ASI’s numbers for myself, I see that although Scotland spends 14 per cent more than the UK average, compared to my own region, it was a heart-stopping 26 per cent!!! (HMT 2004 downloadable here)

It’s obviously time to send the red-coats back up there to stop them smoking all those fags, necking all that heavy, scoffing all those pies, and electing all those socialist MSPs, MPs, and other assorted commissars.

Either that or cut them loose… no more transfers, no more Gordon Brown, no John Reid, no irritating little jerk whose name escapes me…

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