Sunday, February 20, 2005

New Labour backstabbing

According to the Sunday Times and other papers, Tony is likely to make Brylcreem Bounce Milburn chancellor after the election. Remember, you read it here first- a whole month ago.

The Times says: "...if Blair wins another big majority he is being encouraged to 'deal with Brown' by telling him to take the post of foreign secretary or leave the cabinet. One insider said: 'Milburn has been talking about this and the term being used is "strong man strategy". They want Blair to be surrounded by two bruisers who are fully signed up to his agenda."

The 'two bruisers' are Reid and Milburn, laughingly seen as the party's "macho men". Brown is expected to reject the foreign secretary job, letting Reid in- can you imagine?

Other Blair loyalists slated for promotion include Tessa Jowell (presumably on the back of her recent triumphs extending binge drinking hours, inviting the Las Vegas Mob to run our bingo halls, and attempting to blow £10 billion on the Olympics), Patricia Hewitt (for burning £5 billion a year at the DTI), David Milliband (services to schools?!?), and various other nonentities far too irritating to enumerate.

Brown, Straw and the fatman must surely be sharpening their own stillettos by now, so we can look forward to some serious slashing action.

Why do we need these guys again?

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