Wednesday, February 16, 2005

BBC bashes Tesco

The state broadcaster spent some more of our money today bashing Britain’s top retailer.

This lunchtime Radio5 Live provided its regular platform for the usual crowd of turn-the-clock-back hippies, special pleading food producers, and Tesco’s unsuccessful competitors.

Someone called Joanna Blythe- who predictably seemed to be promoting her own anti-supermarket book- was encouraged to rant on about supermarket oppression, how it’s destroying our country and making us all fat, how we never voted for it, and how things are now so bad we’d be better off moving to France, where they have ‘saner’ attitudes.

I ask you.

This latest outburst was sparked by news that Tesco is now predicted to become the biggest operator of neighbourhood shops this year. This has to be an appalling development because of the all the above, and also because…er…well, did you know the company has just slipped down some league table of somebody’s opinions on corporate social responsibility? It was top in 2003, and now it’s crashed to like third or something.

Retailing is a fearsomely competitive business, as the shareholders of Sainsburys and M&S can testify. Tesco has got big by working out what customers want, and giving it to them.

Unlike, say, the BBC.

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