Sunday, January 23, 2005

Public unmoved by Tory tax promises

As expected, the Tory promise to cut taxes has totally failed to register with the public. Today's YouGov poll ( see Times Online - Newspaper Edition) records that 25% think taxes would go up under the Tories and only 22% expect them to come down, with the rest expecting no change.

The Tories need to be much bolder, and definitely more eyecatching. Nobody's suggesting tax cuts on the scale of Bush's first term, but four months before an election the empahasis should surely be on what taxes will be cut and by how much. Not a huge wodge of dull accountancy calculations that produce the disembodied answer '4'. It doesn't convey anything to people in the world beyond Westminster, and it sounds really measly. Gordon Supersize Brown doesn't wipe his bottom on such trifling numbers.

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